Generate an Estimate

An estimate is used to generate a service and/or product proposal that may or may not be accepted by the customer and become an Order.

An Estimate is generated from a Lead as follows:

1. In the left menu, select Leads ;

2. Click on the Lead number, below the # column ;

3. Click Estimate .

1. In the left menu, select Estimates;

2. Click on Add Estimate;

3 . Add a Lead and click Save&Estimate .

Steps to generate an Estimate:

Step 1 - Step 1:

  1. Fill in the information with general budget data. 

Tip: If the Sale Person is not registered, you can register it by clicking on 

  1. Click Next: Schedule .

Step 2 - Schedule:

The Schedule is not required.

  1. Click on the Worker and drag it, with the left button pressed, to the desired date and time.

    Tip: The Remove After Drop option , in the lower left corner, is used to exclude the Worker from the list, after scheduling.

    Tip: Check Send Confirmation to Customer to send an email to the customer with appointment confirmation.

    1. Click Next: Measurements .

    Step 3 - Measurements:

    1. click on Add area.
    2. Fill in the areas and their respective measurements.
    3. (Optional) Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other areas.
    4. Click Next: Items .

    Step 4 - Items:

    1. At the top, select the tax rate used and the taxpayer.
    2. Enter the product, quantity and discount amount. The system calculates the other fields based on the measures entered.
    3. Click Save.

    Tip: To add a new area click on + Add Area Group at the bottom left.

    Tip:  Product registration can be done by clicking on New Product +in the right product field.

    Tip:  Measurements can be viewed by clicking on See Measurements .

    Tip: Suggestions for related products appear  in Suggestions.

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